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Who we work with (extract)


Oil Broker Asia HANSE Trade House, Asia

The Oil Cub International, Asia

SHIMACO Standard Oil and Finance Ltd, Cyprus

HANSE Kooperationsges.mbH. & Co.KG,, Austria

Sakhalin Energy Investment Company (SEIC) 

Shell Russia (Sakhalin)

Mitsui & Company, Sakhalin & Japan

  • Licensing
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  • HCI Conduct & Loyalty Rating
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  • HANSE OIL Refining Asia
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  • Global Marketing & PR
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  • Analyses & Research
    HANSE has an experienced in-house analytical team that conducts rigorous analysis and research on issues relating to energy projects, companies and markets around the world. Using bespoke economic and financial models, HANSE helps clients to understand the value and performance of international energy assets being screened for investment, optimisation and divestment. HANSE also applies sophisticated analytical techniques to assess and evaluate contractual pricing mechanisms, non-price provisions, financing structures and market drivers. Our detailed market studies also provide clients with vital intelligence on supply/demand projections, price forecasts, infrastructure access and fiscal and regulatory issues. ECC’s analytical and research expertise has furnished clients with the invaluable commercial insight underpinning major energy projects across the world, from upstream asset developments and product sales agreements, to LNG import schemes and international arbitration proceedings.
  • Client Assessment
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  • Expert Withness
    HANSE Consult provide expert witness services during dispute resolution proceedings with respect to many aspects of the global energy business. HANSE Connsult provides experts recognised for their unparalleled depth of knowledge and industrial expertise in energy, gas, LNG and oil disputes. We also provide advice during negotiations, legal testimony, expert witness services, and litigation support services. These include case analysis, contract evaluation, analytical and quantitative research/economic analysis, and risk assessment. In particular HANSE is able to provide renowned experts in the resolution of pricing disputes in oil, gas and LNG contracts.
  • Transactions & Negotiations
    HANSE is a specialist in structuring and negotiating the complex commercial agreements underpinning oil, gas & LNG projects worldwide. Our team use its broad industry experience, deep commercial knowledge and expert negotiating skills to extract maximum value for clients. Our team can lead or support the development of all contracts required throughout the project lifecycle. Over the last 25 years HANSE has drafted, negotiated a greawt number of commercial contracts relating to energy projects worldwide. These include: Joint Venture (JV); Joint Operating Agreements (JOA); Unitisation and Unit Operating Agreements (UUOA); Production Sharing Agreements (PSA); Vessel Charter-parties (FPSO/FSRU/FLNG); Third-party Access Agreements (TPA/TPOSA); Gas Sales Agreements (GSA); Gas and LNG Sale & Purchase Agreements (SPA); and LNG Terminal Use Agreements (TUA).
  • Counter and Barter Trade
    HANSE Group supported by HANSE Consultants is uniquely positioned to handle counter- and barter trade. We negotiate for HANSE OIL transactions from start to finish - Assess the market value of goods under counter- or bartertrade consideration Sell products received in countertrade Transport, sgtor, inure and distribute products involved in counter- or bartertrade deals.
  • Tender
    HANSE offers Consulting/Participation and the completion of tender businesses including government export credit programs and multisourcing as well as the handling of countertrade and offset commitments.
  • Trade Financing and its logistics
    HANSE Group arranges finance concepts to our need through a number of special relationships: We will: Provide concepts through banks where HANSE Consultants has established joint venture partnerships; Arrange financing through a host of other financial instituions worldwide where we have traditionally close contacts; Coordinate for you a variety of financing packages including currency, products, commodities or a combination of these.
  • Finance Alternatives
    The HANSE Group arranges the full rage of financing alternatives- from bartering in hard goods to the electronic transfer of funds.
  • Islamic Finance
    The Islamic economic law is based on justice and the economic well-being of society. In Islam, the market symbolises freedom and solidarity. HANSE offers a comprehensive portfolio of Islamic financing and investment products and services according to the value-conscious, socially responsible and transparent principles of the Islamic banking sector. The Islamic deposit business is based on the principle of profit and loss participation. Our clients invest with us via a participation account, we invest in the real economy, and the profit then achieved is shared in accordance with an allocation formula agreed beforehand, e. g. 85 %. The size of our clients‘ respective share in the profits will depend on the term involved and the size of the investment. With an allocation formula of 85 %, our client receives 85 % and we 15 % of the profit generated by the deposit.
  • Funding zero-emission technologies
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  • Mergers & Acquisition
    HANSE provides the complete range of due diligence, valuation and transaction support services to assist clients engaged in mergers, acquisitions and divestments of energy assets worldwide. The team can advise on negotiation strategy, run auctions, perform an expert review of contracts and economic models/assumptions, value assets and corporations, prepare information memoranda, review asset portfolios, manage data rooms and provide other services to assist clients in the successful execution of transactions.
  • Partner & Investors
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