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Updated: Aug 8, 2019

In a cyclical market such as the Oil and Gas Downstream industry, successful companies need to be positioned to take advantage of opportunities by developing clear and targeted strategies that succeed in each phase of the business cycle. Their strategies need to include plans for both value capture and risk mitigation.

What we often see when helping a company develop a strategy is that they’ll rush to jump at the first viable option that appears to satisfy the objectives. However, truly winning strategies are crafted from a consideration of a full range of alternatives and built on a foundation of research and insights. By creatively brainstorming all options and examining alternatives that may stretch the company’s limits and test the boundaries of their comfort zone, we can uncover issues and options that are otherwise missed. The result is a strong, comprehensive strategy that drives the business forward and gets the entire team pulling in the same direction.

The Downstream Oil & Gas industry is characterized by a complex set of uncertainties and risks that need to be dealt with appropriately, regardless of the specific strategy. Using best-practice probabilistic evaluation techniques, Decision Strategies can help you develop insights into how models respond under different combinations of uncertainties. Where are the biggest risks and how exposed is the company? How likely is the company to find itself in those situations? These are questions we can help answer.

The exceptionally experienced consultants at Decision Strategies work through a proven process that helps senior executives and business leaders make the best, most informed decisions possible. We’ve worked with Downstream industry executives on strategic business objectives, major capital investments, product development, and product launches, giving us a 360-degree view of the challenges your operations face.

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